How diverse and multicultural is your country? Shouldn't education aim to form Global Citizens?
How much of it is based on Cultural Competence and Tolerance?
Can I type ablog post solely on questions? How Web 1.0 is that?
The only different, is that I'm typing it from an iPod Touch using free wifi.

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  1. Hi Gerardo,
    I'm glad you're enjoying your iPod touch - my son has one, but I'm still using a laptop. With reference to your post, our school is very much lacking in diversity, as we are in an isolated country town of SW Victoria, Australia. But we are able to inject some multiculturalism with web 2.0 tools such as Skype, Elluminate conferences and live blogging with students and teachers from around the world. Keep up the great work,
    Best Regards, Britt Gow


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