Technology to meet people

A few weeks ago I received an email from a teacher from the US, her name is Alecia Berman-Dry, she was requesting help to contact schools in Cusco,Peru to connect and carry out social projects, she's a member of World Leadership School, an association that promotes these projects in different parts of the world.
I constantly hear from people that are not tech-driven, that using computers takes people away from "real" friendships and contact with people. I truly find hard to believe that such opinion can be given, and the only reason that comes to my mind is that those people do not embrace new ways to communicate, those ways that eliminate time differences, language barriers and geographical distances.
Alecia and I had a great meeting until an hour ago, agreeing on a series of projects to engage our students in collaborative work, because the real world works through collaboration, and if not, it should.
Looking forward to get more of those connections.
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