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I've been trying to obtain permission, budget and quorum to start a pilot on using laptops in the classroom. Even though laptops are part of an expansion plan for the Technological Innovation Program in my school, I think my 8th grade students are ready. We're starting a double Voicethread project this week, to answer teachers in Cincinnati and New York. We're doing videos to show the evolution of education, we´re starting a twitter project, etc.
However, I got a comment in one of my Issuu documents from Peter Hill (Australia) that threw me off. He informed me of a nationwide project to implement laptops for 9th graders and up, supported by his government. That's some major project, 267,00 laptops for senior students and teachers.
Different countries have different policies in education, but the most successful countries in this area are the ones that invest the most in their nation's most important human capital, students.
Initiatives like the one from Australia's premier, Nathan Rees is something to remark.
I would be delighted to see that my country's government starts an initiative with at least 50% that initiative. After all, money in education is always well invested.

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