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I love blogging, although my concept of it has changed over time. I've always been a fan of writing properly. My humble experience tells me that if the text is not interesting enough in the first 3 lines, then your post will most likely be browsed...so my 4th line will mention the new assignment I gave to my 9th grade students. It is about Geologic Eras, Origin of Species and Evolution.
How impressive it is to analyze time from the geologic point of view, it just makes us remember that our lifetime is nothing more than a tiny speck in a huge field.
I'm also a fan of scientific literature, so I've given them the good news, they'll read 4 books with me this year: The Microbe Hunters (Paul De Kruif), The Naked Ape (Desmond Morris), The Selfish Gene (Richard Dawkins), and I'm still debating for a 4th one, suggestions are appreciated.
In the meantime, I'll leave you with the video: "Eleanor Morgan says we evolved from Aquatic Apes"

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  1. Hi Gerardo,

    Getting our Year 9 students to read books of that calibre would be like pulling teeth - in fact, I wish my year 11 Biology students were that motivated. I do have two suggestions for your fourth book though - "The Future Eaters" or "The Weather Makers" both by Tim Flannery. I also enjoyed Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything", which is a very easy to read account of the earth's history from the Big Bang to the rise of civilisation.


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