SMART Board use in San Jorge School - May 1st, 2008

San Jorge School ac quired 5 SMART Boards for this year. Our experience as teachers with that technolopgy has been certainly gratifying, despite the fact that we're just starting to know how to use it.

The use of its vurtues and flexibility in terms of using images, sounds, videos, flash animations, and all the resources that can be acquired from the company's website are so big that you need a lot of time to start learning and interacting with all these tools.

At San Jorge the use of the SMART Board is becoming more and more4 popular, either during regular classes or for lectures and speeches given by teachers.

There is no recommended age for this technology, anybody can use it, even the little ones from Nursery up to the older students in the Upper secondary level.

We are very enthusiastic that coupling this new technology with the use of the Wiki pages and Blogs will have a strong and promising future in the use of Innovative Technologies for the Education of students at San Jorge School.

This technology is everywhere as we will know after reading the following link:

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