Is there Life on Mars? - May 24th, 2008

That is a question that has been in many of scientists for a very long time. Why is it important to know that there is water on Mars?

Mars is one of the few terrestrial planets in our Solar System, others are Venus and Mercury.
Mars has a thin atmosphere and surface features (peaks, valleys, deserts, and polar ice caps) that resemble those in our planet.
It is specifically to the Polar Ice Caps where NASA has focused its attention. In August 2007, the Phoenix Mars Lander was launched with the purpose of digging the surface of the martian polar ice caps and find water and other molecules that could prove the existence of life in the red planet.
On Sunday, May 25th after 10 months, Phoenix will land (hopefully safe!) on the Martian Arctic. Follow this remarkable event through NASA's tv channel.

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