Global Warming…or, Global Raining?

Temperature I’ve been hearing about the issues of Global Warming for years. Causes and consequences have shifted in some way over the years. Many are the reasons for that, certainly the world’s needs are sometimes a drive force to modify some of these issues. Carbon dioxide, greenhouse effect, oil, methane, and other terms have been in our mouths for years. Nothing has been significantly done government-wide in the US, more than separate actions that have have little or no effect nationwide, not a good move considering that the US populations represents 4% of the world population but contributes with 25% of the World Carbon dioxide emissions.

I’m talking about this because I woke up at 5 am with water dripping from the roof of my apartment due to “intense” rain for Lima, PERU. Since I came back to my home country, I have witnessed more rain in the last 3 years than during my first 25 years here.

Click here for the news report.

I call it “intense” because 3-4 cm in the city of Lima is a significant problem, the city is not prepared for rain. In fact, floods all over the city were registered yesterday, disrupting transportation and bringing down mud and houses.

How can an old bureaucratic city with a corrupt government prepare for mother nature’s fluctuating weather conditions? That is something that must be answered not only in my country but everywhere. The difference with northern or european countries is that they have had more extreme weather regularly and they are prepared, but we’re not.

If problems come from extreme weather and unpredictability, what’s better than mother nature to help us solve those problems. I review TED talks constantly, and these two lectures might be of interest for this topic:



  1. All that is true but my opinion is that the US population that is 4% i think is can be more and can progess more also i think that you don´t now when come a thunder or a rain that is more probably here in Lima but also a interesant point of the global warming is that the persons here about the global warning and don´t do nothing and that is bad but that is only my opinion.

  2. the global wartming is changin the planet because of the contamination of people and i understand aboput it

  3. I think that we, the people of the earth should try to make a big difference for our own good. We have to change our negative actions into positive ones by actually doing it. Some people might say to themselves “Well, what good is it if I recycle if many other people on the planet pollute”. That may be true but, every little action counts so we should always take care of the earth for not only ourselves but also for the future generations. Therefore, they can live in peace and we could show them to lead a responsible, healthier life, through our good actions.

  4. If the United States contributes to the pollution in 25%, what country contributes more in pollution?
    Daniela Arevalo

  5. Luis Fabian Fernandez PalominoSeptember 26, 2010 at 12:20 PM

    I think that the global warning is something that we created for example: aerosols make weak the ozone layer and we lose the protection and the ultra violet and infrared(heat) radiation it will comes the sun with more heat and we transfor the ozone layer into oxygen and we lose all the proteccion.

  6. I think that both are important, but, like they said there, we are not so prepared to the rain, in this winter, in the nights it have rain a lot. The sun is coming now, but a rare day it rains. Also the sun is important but, the atmosphere is being litle.
    In the videos also talk about animals, I think that the rain is more important to the animals, because they eat plants and the plants feed from water, but also from the sun!So, what is more important?? I think both!:)

    Camila Bendayán

  7. Santiago Gonzales IzurietaSeptember 26, 2010 at 1:28 PM

    I think that it’s a very good article because the author is telling how the population in the entire world is not paying attention in the global warming. USA, one of the best countries of the world don´t takes care of this, his factories, etc they produce a lot of carbon dioxide.
    A very good think is that Lima is not prepared to extremes rain. Another think is the bioenergy that it’s destroying the agriculture in our world.
    Always we are destroying our nature, our animals plants without plants and animals we are nothing animals help us to eat plant also to eat but we destroy trees to form wood.

  8. JuanAlberto VílchezSeptember 26, 2010 at 6:18 PM

    I also agree with if it is a global warming or a global raining and Ithink that we have to be prepared for unpredictability extrem weather.

  9. I've understanded that the Carbon dioxide, greenhouse effect, oil, methane, and other terms are responsible of the global warming and that makes a lot of rains, whith a great difference than the rains there were after, and beacuse Lima is not supported for that weather, it makes problems such as letting the water traspass de roof of our houses, also the rains causes floods.

    But this problems, are not only for Lima, also, there are problems like this all over the world and what's better to help us in this problems than the mother nature?

  10. About the excecive rain, it is true. Many countries are prepared for excecive rain, others not. But, in a country who is knewed for have many diferent ecosystems,many weather phenomenons like the Nino phenomenon, and the Humboldt cold water stream, it is supposed that the goverment has an specific plan if any region suffers excesive precipitations, like floodings and landslides, but there's anything. Maybe in the news reporters say that "the government is doing anything for help the flooding/landslide victims" and stuff like that. But what they're really doing is not a plan or a project, in my opinion, they are giving help, but they are not taking seriously all the things that all this dangerous rains can do: first, the population of the affected town are injured, or even dead. Second, if it is a turistic settlement, less tourists will visit them. Third, the excesive rain affects the town's ecosystem: the native animals and plants can die because of the weather's imbalance. Fourth, and finally, if the authorities don't do something about it, if the flood occurs again, and there's still any plan for the problem, the result is the same: people, bussinesses and ecosystems damaged.

  11. I think that people use too oil and throw dangerous compounds to the atmosphere, we are causing a terrible contamination otherwise the price of petroleum is more expensive but people continue using it without control. There are others kinds of energy that we can use and replace those that produce haigh contamination. Also we can tray to imitate the small organisms that are so intelligent and get incredibles things sometimes against the gravity and don´t waste energy, maybe the solution is trying to understand that our world is dying and all of us with it.


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