Learning for the future, or the present? - August 2nd

The methodologies in Education have been changing along time. Lecture-based, skills-based, curriculum-based, etc.

It appears that new times bring new methodologies, or tendencies. Nowadays though, the tendency tends to be a giant snow ball coming to us. So we can choose to ride with it or we surrender to it, regardless if we are students, parents or teachers.

The change to a more technological working position brings some resistance, usually. but that resistance is evaporated once the virtues of the "new" technology are discovered and incorporated into the personal way of working.

Our current technology, demands that as teachers we should be at the forefront of guidance. yes, only guidance. Our capabilities will soon be surpassed by the most skillful and/or dedicated savvy students.

So we better go with the roll and guide the tour of teaching through technology or we will be considered eternal students of something that we reject, technology.

I found a great video that shows in a very simple but clear way what students want, think, and need. Check ot out.

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