Almost Back to School

It is Sunday, staring tomorrow and continuing the whole week, all schools in Peru will start their regular activities for the Academic year of 2008.
I have been able to witness from the backstage the impresswive amount of preparation, dedication, hard-work and excitement that going back to school means from the school's perspective.
All school personnel and teachers, prepare for a while before going back to the classrooms. Each year n new challenge brings us the questions: What's new for this year?, How will I present all the information there is available?, Ho much can all of us improve and learn from new experiences?
All of these questions are just an anticipation of the new year in the classroom.
I can say with lots and lots of confidence, that the academic year of 2008 will open up new possibilities and roads to teaching, practice and acquire more than information, but an experience of learning from students and from teachers.

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