Integrative Project: "Scientific Minds in Action"

Last year, San Jorge School organized the integrative project called "The Reading Plan". For this year, the integrative project is called "Scientific Minds in Action".

The first meeting for this project to be presented on August 28th and 29th of this year was held this morning with the science teachers.

Consecutive meetings will be held in the coming days and weeks in order to organize and plan all the guidelines, topics and activities that each grade will have to present for the central days.

The purpose of this year is to integrate all the areas of knowledge into the scientifc point of view according to grades of study, which will soon receive all the topics to be developed by the groups of students. This activity will challenge the creativity of students to involve all the areas of knowledge dictated at school.

We have high hopes for all the production that will come from those Scientific Minds in Action.

We'll keep you informed!

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